My name is Ana Maria Conneely and I am a yoga teacher and Massage therapist based in London. I offer bespoke private yoga, group yoga classes and therapeutic massage treatments. I work in London Bridge/Peckham area, as well as in Islington.

My passion lies in helping people to live their best life, whether that’s by building strength/mobility, easing tension and pain, improving your eating habits or using restorative yin practices to help you calm your mind and find some headspace and deep rest. I firmly believe in the importance of understanding the mind-body connection from a holistic perspective. Having had the experience of living a very imbalanced life in the past, I have learned the importance of taking the time to not only work on your physical body, but also to take the time to build that mind body connection, in order to live well! City life is brilliant, but there is no doubt that we often end up burning the candle at both ends, I help my clients find space in their day to take time for themselves, and find their own unique and wonderful way to live well.


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