Massage Therapy

Ana Maria’s has been developing and honing her passion for the healing powers of massage since 2013 and has worked in 5 star spa’s and award winning day spa’s in Ireland, London and Tenerife.

Her aim is to return her clients back to a state of balance she does this by tuning into the energy of each client through “listening hands” creating a safe and supportive space for clients to heal, relax and restore through her strong but calming style of treatment.


She is also a yoga instructor and applies the principles of yoga to her treatments, treating the body as a whole. Massage like yoga helps to move healing nurturing energy throughout the whole body creating a more supple body and a person who is more open to living their fullest, healthiest expression.


Ana Maria believes that treating imbalances of the body with massage, eating a natural whole food diet and strengthening the mind body connection through yoga is the ultimate healing system for bringing good health and wellbeing.


All treatments are provided using organic natural massage oils or creams.



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Deep tissue massage

Myofascial release

Relaxing massage

Sports massage


Natural facelift massage

Indian head massage

Pricing: 30mins-£45, 60 mins-£70, 90 mins- £85


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