5 tips to help you stop eating on auto-pilot

Have you ever gotten to the bottom of a plate a food and almost can not remember the experience of having eaten ythe meal?

If you are eating your food on auto-pilot you are at greater risk of over eating and ultimately not enjoying your meal. You are probably not paying attention to how much you have eaten and how you are feeling during and after. You may be full but don’t even realise it!

You may find the following mindful eating tips helpful.

# Pause before you begin your meal Taking a moment to stop and appreciate your food and to be grateful for it before you take your first mouthful.

#Switch off try to eat your meals without distraction. Avoid sitting in front of the television or your laptop or using your phone during meal times (I am guilty of this). If you can take some time away from your desk at lunch time to sit outside and eat your lunch then I would encourage you to do so. Try to make your meal your main focus and then you can return to whatever you were doing with more clarity and energy.

#Pay attention Be mindful of each mouthful, note the textures, the flavours and the temperature. Preparing meals that are full of colourful vegetables, mixing raw with cooked and adding loads of healthy flavour through the use of spices makes for a more appetising and nutritious experience.

#Share the experience My favourite meal times are the ones I have shared with others. This is such an important aspect of life throughout history people have gathered to break bread together (fast forward to today-pass the quinoa) Food brings people together, it’s a talking point. And even if it doesn’t interest you that much it is still a vital ingredient to leading a healthy life and definitely worth some thought.

#Take a moment It’s not a race to the bottom of the bowl! Why not take some time to sit and appreciate the meal time experience, perhaps you are sharing it with family and friends or perhaps you are sitting somewhere with a nice view. Try to take in the more global experience, these moments are so important and contribute to your overall wellbeing.

#Bonus tip Allow time once you have finished the meal to sit and allow yourself to digest. You use up about 10% of your calories in the process of digesting, absorbing and metabolizing. The body does this most efficiently when it can focus on just this process.

Overall it is about taking your time and giving it your full attention. It plays a huge role in your energy levels and long-term health. It is worth the time. If you don’t have the time to linger over a well prepared meal than make nutrient dense choices and have smaller meals. Lean grass-fed meats (if you are into that kind of thing) protein rich grains and plenty of vegetables, oil and healthy fat rich foods like seeds and avocado’s. Choose a natural diet! It’s simple.

Feel at ease.
Ana Maria Conneely


How to accentuate the benefits of Yoga,massage and nutrition!

Answer: Create synergy!

In this post I would like to share with you just a few of the therapeutic benefits of yoga and massage and how certain foods can increase your in take of certain foods to boost these benefits for an all round improvement in health and wellbeing.

I came to massage after discovering that similar benefits to those achieved through practicing  yoga could be attained and shared on a more individualised healing level through body work therapy i.e. massage.                                                                                      And therefore I found a way to share these benefits more broadly with people who don’t have a practice but could benefit from the effects.
I grew up on an island on the West coast of Ireland, experiencing organic home grown vegetables and fresh caught fish as the norm, I was raised with an appreciation for the amazing nutritional quality and exceptional flavours of natural unprocessed foods, which I now value more than ever. I also grew up seeing and helping my mum share her cooking skills and inventive healthy and wholesome meals with the customers in her restaurant on the island. It  has always inspired me to  create my own recipe’s and to want to share the gift of nutritious food with others as well.

Massage and yoga both work in a way which encourages the steady development of flexibility in the body. Through yoga the muscles are encouraged to gently lengthen in each asana. And during a massage the therapist works the muscles warming and lengthening connective tissue to improve flexibility.
Increased range of motion and greater flexibility in the joints and muscles helps to promote better posture and can help towards improving breathing.
Sesame seeds are considered highly beneficial for muscle and bones they are naturally high in calcium and easily digestible.

* Foods which may decrease flexibility-alcohol, and food that is processed or refined.


A good massage and a good yoga practice can increase the movement of oxygen and nutrient rich blood through the systems.
The increased free flowing movement of blood throughout the body has been shown to beneficially lower blood pressure which an overall positive effect.
Some foods to consider if you are trying to improve circulation ; Ginger-this warming root is energy building it has a stimulating effect on the blood circulation and it has an added anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic effect.
Oranges and other citrus fruits that contain high vitamin C are natural blood thinners and are said to strengthen capillary walls.

Stress less
Too much stress has been proven to have a detrimental effect on all systems of the body. We can’t remove stress completely from our lives in fact some amount of stress is necessary however we do need to find ways to manage our stress levels and to turn stress responses off when we don’t need them, yoga and massage and a healthy diet can be key elements in contributing to stress regulation. A regular yoga practice and regular massage can have the kind of effects that help to improve sleep, increase your ability to relax quickly and efficiently and improve physical and mental performance therefore helping you to cope more easily with potentially stressful situations.
A food which is highly regarded for it’s beneficial effects on improving

Depression has been linked to low levels of folic acid, vegetable that boost levels of this mood-enhancing nutrient include dark leafy green vegetable, Brussels sprouts asparagus, dried beans, peas and nuts.
Like you need an excuse to include more avocado in your life-they contain B vitamins which are essential for healthy nerves and brain cells, they also reduce tiredness and fatigue due to their important role in cell metabolism. No wonder it makes me so happy to eat them!

I hope you have found this helpful.

Please feel free to send me any questions or comments!

Feel at ease

Ana Maria Conneely



5 week ‘Back to Balance’ programme


Most of my clients and students live very full lives. They work a lot. They have family and social time. They exercise and they probably squeeze a few extra work or extracurricular activities into each week, which in theory is all wonderful but it leaves them feeling stressed at times, tired, experiencing tight, tense muscles (often more than they give themselves time to think about) and generally feeling worn out and therefore not able to entirely enjoy their lives to the full.
So I put together a programme to help to bring you back to balance in a truly holistic way.
I provide deep tissue massage, a firm pressured slow treatment to ease and relieve the tension that has been building up in the muscles over a long time. In my experience these treatments are most effective when received on a weekly basis for a length of time. This programme includes 5 weekly massage sessions.
To accentuate the benefits of the deep tissue massage treatment, I provide a personalised, restorative sequence of yoga postures. This will help you to commit to a habit of creating a  ‘you time’ ritual, time and space for you to restore and recharge!
In addition, I assess your diet and help you make adjustments to optimise your nutrient intake, and give you menu suggestions and recipes to adopt an all round lifestyle transformation.
What is included in the programme?
5 deep tissue massage treatments to ease and release tense, strained and over-worked muscles (1/week)
Personalised yoga stretch and restore programme to use daily
Nutritional advice and meal planning for the duration of the programme
‘Keep me on track’ weekly email feedback and guidance to make sure you fulfill your goals.
Feel at ease .
Ana Maria Conneely
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